Monday, June 01, 2009

 Founding father of a gastronomic revolution”… Fresh Food Magazine UK May 2008

Koye Rhodes, aka The Pit Master – Founder of Rhodes BBQ has a vision: Great tasting, good value food cooked in a traditional Southern barbecue style. In his quest for the perfect barbecue, he travelled through America’s traditional regions of wood fired cooking, from the deep South to the Midwestern plains and beyond. 

 Barbeque in this sense does not mean charcoal grilled. His own means cooking the meats in a wood burning “Pit”, that smokes and flavours our meats slower and at really low temperature. All our foods are therefore cooked “low and slow”. The result is meat that is tender and full of flavour. When served with his unique Memphis style barbeque sauce and sprinkled with his magic dust, simple ingredients become a delicious culinary experience. To complement the taste of his smoked meats, he has created many traditional southern sides like sweet potatoes and corn bread. 

Koye Rhodes, was trained and mentored by the American legendary BBQ maestro Mike Mills, four times winner of the World Barbeque Championship the Memphis In May BBQ competition. They both developed the secret recipes for the Rhodes BBQ sauce and Magic Dust. These are the key parts of what makes Rhodes BBQ Smokehouse brand so unique. 

He set up his first BBQ Shack and Smokehouse at Wapping, in East London England. It soon grew to become a popular watering hole for expatriate Americans, missing genuine American style BBQ food and food lovers looking for a new, unique and a different kind of cuisine. Rave reviews of our food started appearing in some of the top food magazines and newspapers in the UK. Below are extracts of some of the reviews:

“Possibly the most novel takeaway you can get your lips around”…. The Wharf Newspaper, Canary Wharf, London 26th Feb, 2006

 “Rhodes excels at both: meat, chicken, beef and pork all had a strong smoky flavour. The food is far better than earlier, better known attempts” …TIME OUT London January 24th 2007

    “Each bite melted on the tongue. A smoky marinade was perfectly spiced”… FT Magazine      March 23rd 2008

 “As casual BBQ joints go, they don’t get more casual and barbecuey. That sweet smoky smell of barbeque pervades the place. The cuts of meat are good, tender and juicy and are all barbecued well … TIME OUT London’s Best Restaurants Guide 2008

   As Koye says; we have always barbecued in my family. I remember growing up in Lagos in the 70’s, with my father’s supervision, the main attraction for many of our guest at our annual Christmas parties was the whole Hog Roast, which I helped seasoned and roasted for over 14 hours with family and friends.

 So I am proud to offer you a truly authentic American- style of cooking with a twist of our own Nigerian choices of meats, sides and taste buds.

Our style of barbecue is defined as:

When we take a savoury and succulent slab of meat and cook it with wood smoke and heat at low – medium temperatures for an extended period of time till the meat is perfectly tender, exceedingly juicy and brimming with flavour”.

 Our food is produced under the highest hygiene standards, HACCAP controls and procedures and modern technology. 

We welcome you to our food world, enjoy our real smoked barbecues. Comfort food cooked the old-fashioned way. 

Remember, barbeque food is about Love, Friends and Family


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