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At Rhodes Barbeque Smokehouse, we are dedicated to serving you the best quality healthy, mouth watering American style smoked cuisine. All our meat are specially selected and carefully cooked to give you, the very best real barbeque.

In our quest for the perfect barbeque, we have travelled through America’s traditional regions of wood fired cooking, from the Deep South to the Midwestern plains and beyond.

We cook “slow and low” this means slow cooking over long hours, at low temperature using seasoned dry fruit and nut woods like ash, apple, cherry and hickory. The result of this cooking method is our barbecue’s distinct and unique smoke flavor taste, aroma, colour and texture. This cannot be obtained any other way.

Definition: Barbeque

“a savory and succulent slab of meat that has been cooked with wood smoke and heat at medium-low temperatures for an extended period of time until it is at once perfectly tender and exceedingly juicy and brimming with flavor.” .

Frequently Asked Questions


The word Barbeque as it is understood by most people means a backyard grill used to grill hamburgers and hotdogs and vegetables over direct heat supplied by gas or charcoal briquettes. To grill in this manner is barbeque to most folks. This process is quick, but it does little to enhance the flavor or tenderize the meat. Grilled meat is not barbeque.

American Pit Barbeque is an entirely different cooking method. Real pit barbeque is when you cook savory and succulent slabs of meat “Low and Slow”. This means the meat is seasoned and cooked in an enclosed smoker at low temperatures, usually in the 200 to 275 degree range using indirect heat that is produced by slow burning hardwood. The meat is both smoked and cooked at the same time. This very slow magical process is an art form. It requires patience, understanding and time. It breaks down the connective tissues of the meat and turns tough large cuts into the most delicious tender food. Good barbeque is almost always cooked well done. We cook our briskets and pork shoulder for up to 14 hours or more. This is what produces that unique flavor and tenderness you taste in our meats.

Barbeque is a true American original with its roots in the south. But its popularity has grown over the years as more people discovery its unique taste and qualities. We are very proud to be in the forefront of introducing this kind of food to the U.K. and Europe.


One way to positively identify real pit barbeque is by the “Smoke Ring”. This is the dark pink ring that shows on the outside edges of meat cooked in a smoker pit. Sometimes, smaller cuts of meat like ribs or chicken will be pinkish all the way to the bone. When you see that “Smoke Ring” you are eating real pit barbeque.


#1. Complete On-Site Catering Service

This service is for larger group functions from 150 to 1500 guests’. We bring a full crew and our 500 pound capacity mobile pit smoker. You will get the very best American smoked BBQ food served on-time, orderly and professionally. Your event can be even better with our “Authentic Southern Barbeque” and all the fixings to go with it. Your delicious Bar-B-Q meal will be prepared and cooked to perfection on site by RhodesBBQ. A professional and uniformed crew will set up buffet style and serve while you relax and enjoy your party.

#2. Full Service Buffet

Our meats are smoked for several hours at our central kitchen by our Pit masters to ensure a consistent top quality product. Due to the authentic smoking process, our meats have a pinkish or red color from the outside in, where the smoke has penetrated the meat. We provide the buffet table and everything to serve you and your guests, the best tasting pit smoked Bar-B-Q around. A professional and uniformed catering crew will conveniently deliver it, set it up buffet style and serve it at your designated site while you relax and enjoy your party.

#3. Delivered & Set up Buffet

We bring the feast to you hot and ready to serve in disposable containers. You provide the table and we will set everything up for you and provide you with serving instructions.

#4. Delivered Buffet

A complete Bar-B-Q catering. Packaged hot and ready and delivered to your front door.


It can vary according to the time of year and the volume of orders we have coming in. There are times when we are able to accept orders with short notice, but generally, we ask for as much notice as possible.

Costing for our Catering services

The Ultimate Bar-B-Q Buffet

Catering services for corporate event, party catering, and holiday buffet, Christmas Parties. Great for company functions, home parties, picnics, wedding rehearsals & receptions…any event, any place, any time. Pick the items you want and let us do all the work. The Ultimate Buffet can be customized to fit your specific needs and budget.

1 Meat / 2 sides

2 Meats / 2 sides

3 Meats / 2 sides

Bar-B-Q Meats:

Beef Brisket, Chicken, Beef Ribs, Pork Ribs, Pulled Pork Shoulder, Lamb, Sausage, Fish

Sides: BBQ Mixed Beans, Spicy Rice, Red Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, Greens

· All includes your choice of corn bread or dinner rolls.

· Vegetarian options available.

Luncheon Bar-B-Q Buffet

Lighter portions with all the same great Bar-B-Q flavor.

Choice 2 meats and 2 side dishes, and dinner rolls.

For 12 or more people:

Bar-B-Q Meats:

Beef Brisket, Chicken, Pork Ribs, Sausage, Pulled Pork, Fish

Sides: BBQ Mixed Beans, Spicy Rice, Red Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, Greens

Sandwich Buffet.

Sandwich buffets come with two of our popular slow-smoked Bar-B-Q meats. Served with buns, pickles, onions, jalapeño pepper, our Home-made Bar-B-Q sauce and your choice of 2 side dishes.

For 16 or more people:

Bar-B-Q Meats:

Beef Brisket, Chicken, Pulled Pork shoulder, Smoked Ham, Sausage, Vegetarian.

Sides: BBQ Mixed Beans, Spicy Rice, Red Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, Greens

Small Groups

Ideal for the small office lunch, family get together, football or sports events.

Sandwich Platters;

Includes meat (beef, pork or chicken), buns, our famous BBQ sauce, fixing’s and two side dishes.

For more information, please contact

Mr. Koye Rhodes, Chief BBQ Officer

Telephone: 234 08098961008


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Barbecue becomes restaurateur's salvation

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Time Out


Monday, June 01, 2009

·        Inspiration of Concept:


Koye Rhodes, aka The Pit Master – Founder of Rhodes BBQ discovered American BBQ in Southern Illinois University at Carbondale during his student days.


Koye Rhodes, was trained and mentored by the American legendary BBQ maestro Mike Mills, four times winner of the World Barbeque Championship the Memphis In May BBQ competition. They developed the secret recipes for the Rhodes BBQ sauce and Magic Dust. These are the key parts of what makes Rhodes BBQ Smokehouse brand so unique.


·        Kind of food served and key menu items


American Southern inspired BBQ meats offerings like, smoked St. Louis style ribs, Texan smoked brisket and Carolina pulled pork. Traditional southern sides like potato salad, corn bread, chilli and sweet potatoes.


To identify the place of origin of some of our key menu items and recipes, familiar and fun names like Carolina Combo for our ribs and chicken platter, Wicked Wings for spicy chicken wings and Texas Trio for our Texan inspired beef, chicken and ribs platter.


·        Our most popular drinks and special drinks we are known for.


American and local non-alcoholic beverages: (Soft drinks, iced tea and Chapman) American and local beers and alcoholic beverages: (Popular American beers like Budweiser, Corona etc and iced Margaritas etc. Nigerian brands Star, Gulder and Heineken), Wines: (American and South African.)


·        What kind of people that frequent our restaurants?


American and foreign expatriates living in cities restaurants are located; Young educated professionals, families, corporate clients and middle class demographic ranked locals.


·        What is special about our service?


Well trained and good looking staff who are friendly and un- intimidating, simple and easy to understand menus, and quick delivery of our food to clients. Writing and signing on the walls and blues background music.




·        What are we sure to be remembered for and clients tell their friends about?


How good our food and service were, our relaxed and casual atmosphere. A place to take special people, who have never tried Southern BBQ. The writing on the walls, and our unique BBQ sauce.



Basic Facts.


Overall theme/inspiration: Relaxed, casual un-intimidating yet fashionable Southern BBQ restaurant.


Type of Cuisine: American – BBQ.


Service Style: Self Service and Sit Down Fast Casual.


Segment: Fast Food and Casual Dining.


Price Point: High Medium – Cheque Average. Lunch N2000 - N3000, Dinner N3000 – N4000, Takeaway N1600.


Meal Period(s): Lunch, Bar, Snack and Dinner.


Location: Single Unit Outlets, Premium Enclosed Malls and High End Food Court.


Size: 80 – 150 M2, 50 – 75 seats plus Takeaway counter


Financial Projections: Investment – Sales: Investment $600,000; Sales $1,500,000


Characteristics of the space: Single Unit Outlets operates as central kitchen and main restaurants. Can be supply points to supply Mall environment locations of pre cooked ready to eat meals due to limited venting facilities, small kitchens, and restrictive mall or food court design standards or look. Malls can be retail intense environments, particularly sensitive to odours.



Target Customers/Traits

Who is the target customer and what are their characteristics?


  1. Expatriates: (Americans & Europeans): Knowledge of cuisine, adventurous and enlightened dinners, higher spends power. Seeking variety, diet.
  2. Families: (Suburban) Middle class with children, well travelled, fashionable, trendy.
  3. Young Professionals: Fast paced jobs, good income, and single, fashionable, trendy, social, seeking security and status, wants to be in the know.
  4. Female Shoppers: Diet conscious, fashionable, trendy, seeking status
  5. Male Shoppers: Fashionable, middle age, high income, well travelled, seeking status and convenience.
  6. College Students: Fashionable, trendy value shopper, seeking convenience, routine, want to be in the know, variety and status.



       Brand’s Response to Customer Traits

How does our Brand respond to the needs of our target customers?


  1. Expatriates: (Americans & Europeans): High quality authentic food and service. Clean environment, High food safety standards and secure relaxed atmosphere.
  2. Families: Children friendly, a place to take them for celebrations and outings, easy to understand menu, fast takeaway side and good size portions.
  3. Young Professionals: Hip look, vibrant music, reflect modern eating, good quality crowd, easy to navigate menu and relaxed international feeling atmosphere.
  4. Female Shopper: Healthful perception of venue, very fashionable design, easy to eat foods (clean food), towel service to wipe hands before and after, and comfortable environment as a meeting points with friends and a break when out for shopping.
  5. Male Shopper: Relaxed meeting place, modern and fashionable networking spot, television sports channels, cold drinks, private dinning rooms and quality service.
  6. College Students: Hip look, place to be, good value, vibrant music, value meals, fast takeaway service and fashionable.


Similar Brands (Not Just Restaurants)


1.      Nandos: International brand, children friendly, colourful and warm atmosphere, broad appeal, easy menu and interesting sauces.

2.      Yellow Chilli: Good Nigerian food, comfortable and clean, great meeting place, everyday, and engaging.

3.      Bottles: Casual, Mexican food and drinks, eclectic, fun, great value and warm. Connects to Americans and expatriates. Serves iced margaritas and foreign beers.

4.      Palms: The Mall. Modern and interesting shops, mass appeal, international standards. Multi- Choice food offerings and food hall. Fashionable and clean.



Key Competitors

Which Restaurants offer similar or alternative services that most directly compete for our target audience’s business?


  1. Food Court Venues: The Palms and The Galleria: Burgers, pizzas , sandwiches, Salads, grilled chicken and meats, burritos
  2. Casual Restaurants: News Café, Eko Hotel Sport Café, Bottles, Robert’s Café, Cactus and Pat’s Bar.
  3. American Restaurants in Area: The American Club
  4. Clubs: Ikoyi Club, The Boat Club.



What does our brand do better or different than the competition?


Our food offering a unique alternative, more exiting and fashionable. Our location is more hip, fresh and fun. The offering is more American and thus more familiar to our core target market. Finally, the brand having originally started from London UK, has a tested food concept, which received many great reviews from some of the top restaurant and food magazines in the UK.




Key Brand Criteria: Rhodes BBQ Smokehouse.

What are the key promises that our brand will deliver to our guest?


Our Vision:


We are a family that cares about each other, our guests and business. We treat people the way we want to be treated. We are proud of our tradition in southern hospitality and will be honest in the products we offer and the service we provide.


Our Mission:


Rhodes BBQ Smokehouse is dedicated to serving the finest southern style barbeque in the time-honoured tradition of low and slow. Our guest will be treated to the same friendly, courteous service they would receive in our home, while in a casual, fun environment where our greatest priority is to exceed our guest expectations.


Service and Product Values:


Our employees are “Rhodes BBQ representatives”: Professional, knowledgeable, naturally friendly, outgoing, and energetic, extending themselves toward the guest, promoting the restaurant and its activities whenever possible, and always strive to come as close as possible to perfection in the way we treat our guest.


We are part of the experience. Our behaviour from employee to employee and employee to guest directly affect “service”. We understand our words, attitude, behaviour, posture and appearance promote that experience.


We offer the highest quality service and product reflecting a true Rhodes BBQ experience.


We offer product selections that are creative, different and not predictable. We are willing to “take risks” to consistently provide our guest with an opportunity to “take a chance” on the uniqueness of Rhodes BBQ product and service.


People Value:


We treat people the way we would like to be treated: Employee to employee and employee to guests, unparalleled with our competitors. We express our appreciation in our attitudes, behaviours and words.


Our employees must be provided with the desired results, guidelines, and resources to perform their jobs. They must “know what to expect”, to be genuinely happy when greeting and serving our guests. We are consistent with the administration of policies with all employees.


Our employees have specific job parameters and responsibilities where they are “truly empowered” enabling consistency with direction and mainstream activities of Rhodes BBQ. They are able to handle the majority of the guest and operational problems on their own without seeking immediate assistance from supervisory personnel.




Food and Beverage Mission Statement:


To promote the vision, value and mission of Rhodes BBQ by striving to provide a high quality product and service to our guest in the southern tradition of down-home barbeque, though a meaningful, supportive and rewarding learning work environment, while maximizing profitability.

 Founding father of a gastronomic revolution”… Fresh Food Magazine UK May 2008

Koye Rhodes, aka The Pit Master – Founder of Rhodes BBQ has a vision: Great tasting, good value food cooked in a traditional Southern barbecue style. In his quest for the perfect barbecue, he travelled through America’s traditional regions of wood fired cooking, from the deep South to the Midwestern plains and beyond. 

 Barbeque in this sense does not mean charcoal grilled. His own means cooking the meats in a wood burning “Pit”, that smokes and flavours our meats slower and at really low temperature. All our foods are therefore cooked “low and slow”. The result is meat that is tender and full of flavour. When served with his unique Memphis style barbeque sauce and sprinkled with his magic dust, simple ingredients become a delicious culinary experience. To complement the taste of his smoked meats, he has created many traditional southern sides like sweet potatoes and corn bread. 

Koye Rhodes, was trained and mentored by the American legendary BBQ maestro Mike Mills, four times winner of the World Barbeque Championship the Memphis In May BBQ competition. They both developed the secret recipes for the Rhodes BBQ sauce and Magic Dust. These are the key parts of what makes Rhodes BBQ Smokehouse brand so unique. 

He set up his first BBQ Shack and Smokehouse at Wapping, in East London England. It soon grew to become a popular watering hole for expatriate Americans, missing genuine American style BBQ food and food lovers looking for a new, unique and a different kind of cuisine. Rave reviews of our food started appearing in some of the top food magazines and newspapers in the UK. Below are extracts of some of the reviews:

“Possibly the most novel takeaway you can get your lips around”…. The Wharf Newspaper, Canary Wharf, London 26th Feb, 2006

 “Rhodes excels at both: meat, chicken, beef and pork all had a strong smoky flavour. The food is far better than earlier, better known attempts” …TIME OUT London January 24th 2007

    “Each bite melted on the tongue. A smoky marinade was perfectly spiced”… FT Magazine      March 23rd 2008

 “As casual BBQ joints go, they don’t get more casual and barbecuey. That sweet smoky smell of barbeque pervades the place. The cuts of meat are good, tender and juicy and are all barbecued well … TIME OUT London’s Best Restaurants Guide 2008

   As Koye says; we have always barbecued in my family. I remember growing up in Lagos in the 70’s, with my father’s supervision, the main attraction for many of our guest at our annual Christmas parties was the whole Hog Roast, which I helped seasoned and roasted for over 14 hours with family and friends.

 So I am proud to offer you a truly authentic American- style of cooking with a twist of our own Nigerian choices of meats, sides and taste buds.

Our style of barbecue is defined as:

When we take a savoury and succulent slab of meat and cook it with wood smoke and heat at low – medium temperatures for an extended period of time till the meat is perfectly tender, exceedingly juicy and brimming with flavour”.

 Our food is produced under the highest hygiene standards, HACCAP controls and procedures and modern technology. 

We welcome you to our food world, enjoy our real smoked barbecues. Comfort food cooked the old-fashioned way. 

Remember, barbeque food is about Love, Friends and Family